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"I want to express my sincerest gratitude for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. I am humbled by the confidence and support you have given me. I am dedicated and determined to show what a talented school of instructors that I belong to. You have given me an experience that I will never forget and for that, I am TRULY GRATEFUL!!"


"Dear teachers!!! It was an amazing experience to be in your class and to be your student. The purpose of this letter is to compliment your efforts, your interactive approach and time as teachers. The time that I spent in the class is among my most beautiful memories, I enjoyed my time there and learned quite a bit not only how to balance my moves and steps in Dance but also how to use them for balancing the life. I love my class and you all and I miss you all."


"The Studio has provided me the opportunity to live out my childhood dream to be a dancer. The fact that my husband also likes to dance made the process a lot easier. When I enter the Studio or attend the events, it is like being part of one big family. Everyone is happy to be together, to share their experiences and to dance with one another. It just gives you that natural happy feeling of having fun, each and every time!"

Bob and Lii Baxter:

"Congratulations on your announcement and best wishes for your new direction. My six years with Thornhill were so important to me and Lii. As you (Glen and Lisa especially) know, those times were wonderful. I remember the first time our group went to the Royal York for a Pro-am. It was like the little school from the suburbs heading into the big city for the first time...,we were in awe of that beautiful room and the excitement and privilege of representing our studio. The memories of that day and the many other Pro-ams, medal balls, spotlights, showcases, demonstrations, Christmas parties, Thursday night parties and all the time and effort we spent on learning to dance...,all of those sustain the belief that our time there was the best investment we ever made. The relationships we formed with the other students and our teachers at Thornhill were outstanding - like best friends from our youth, regardless of time and distance, the warmth and friendships last a lifetime.
Again, congratulations on your past accomplishments and may the years ahead bring you and your students the same fabulous memories you have given us.
To all our friends at Thornhill - our best wishes, Bob and Lii Baxter "

Elisabeth and David Quail:

" David and I would like to offer all of you our most sincere thanks for all of your dedication and practice.
One year ago, when we started dancing, we would never have dreamed that we would have the skills and confidence to perform in public.
Sunday's Pro-Am was a truly remarkable experience.
We would especially like to thank Mark, Lisa, and Andras for your patience and expertise in preparing us for the Pro-Am.
Everyone at the school does such an amazing job and you are all to be congratulated for a job well done. Thank you!!!"

John Sigvaldason:

" I have known Glen Michael, owner of Toronto Social Dance School since the early 1990s. We have referred their services to clients of ours. We have also worked together for clients. Glen and his dance school provide an excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend them for dance instruction and/or dance shows. "

Alex and Melania:

" We would like to thank you for the wonderful evening. We invited our friends because we wanted them to have the fun we are having at your dance studio, while doing our little bit to help your wonderful school take off. What you guys have there - friendly and competent instructors, fun atmosphere - is an asset to our neighborhood! Doing the right thing is "priceless!"


"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at the Toronto Social Dance School. It's a pleasure to visit, seeing familiar faces, and meeting a few new ones.

I usually tell how much I've actually learned by how much I remember (or in other words, how much "sticks"), and after two years, some things really did stick. Thanks to the instructors, who explain everything clearly, and answer all my questions, no matter how silly or annoying they are. (I'm a big geek, so for me, that really matters.) Your perspective is always appreciated.

Unfortunately, I don't live in the neighbourhood anymore, so I can't spend as much time there as I'd like. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to stand up straight--it's still a work in progress. Maybe I'll get it right next summer? We'll see...

Bharangi-owner of The Rising Sun Health Spa, Richmond Hill :

"Dancing at the Toronto Social Dance School has become the highlight of my week! A great way to exercise and I have met some really nice new dance friends and teachers there. Glen's unique Dancercise class is a must for any dance student who wants to learn the basic foot patterns with confidence and ease."

Carole Ash:

" Glen, Little did I realize back in March 2011 that your Dancercise Class would have such a positive impact on my life and well being. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have "waffled" about signing up for a moment. The people in the class are a combination of familiar and new faces - all sharing a common goal to be active and have fun learning the basic ballroom dance steps through music and repetition. For me, this beats a gym membership hands down because I look forward to coming and I work harder! Not only do I feel fit and have more confidence dancing but I have also lost 10 pounds as a bonus. "

Parvin Zarrin:

"I would like to send my gratitude and appreciation to my wonderful teacher Glen for his amazing and unique approach which made me love dancing even more and to always have a great time whenever I come in. I recommend the Toronto Social Dance School and especially the Dancegroove class to whoever wants to lift their spirit and be in great shape. Thank you so much for your wonderful work."

Karen Drieberg:

" Hi Glen,
Just a couple of things:

Firstly, I want to tell you that I have extremely enjoyed the Salsa Level 1 classes. Never having had any dance lessons/experience, I wasn't sure what I was headed for. All in all, it was a fun experience, the people were wonderful, and it is something I would love to continue with. In addition, after having attended two of the Thursday Salsa nights, I found them extremely helpful and it was amazing to watch the instructors mingle with crowd and avail themselves to the newbies of the group. It was wonderful having the opportunity to dance with you and Jason as well as other advanced students. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. I must admit, however, it did take me out of my comfort level as a beginner dancing with someone other than my regular partner, however, challenged me with an amazing outcome-- realizing that I may have potential afterall :).

I look forward to seeing everyone again tonight. Although it is the last class in Level 1, I look forward to continuing this fun journey.

Glen, thanks to you and the other instructors for sharing their expertise."

Irene Barsky:

Hi, Glen:
I think I can speak on behalf of my friends and extend our Thanks for the amazing time we are all having dancing away our "Happy Feet" in your studio! Tuesdays with Mark and Fridays with you are adding not just a learning curve to our already "almost-know-it-all-dancing" expertise, but also an additional chance to be with friends and enjoy the finer things of life: music and dance. Again, thank You and your Team, from Bella's Group!See you Tuesday! And how could we miss Int'l Women's Day especially with the promise of flowers :)?!?! Thanks.

Leila and Arash:

We have started dancing for 8 months now. At the beginning we as a couple who never had any dance lessons underwent lots of struggles. Glen's teaching method, however, did the magic! He is an excellent teacher. He has been patient and kind all this time considering that we have to go through movements over and over again. His positive attitude combined with his superb dance skills has had a great impression on both of us and now dancing is one the most favorite hobbies that we like to do together. From a different prospective, dancing has improved our relation as a couple. We have learned and exercised that we need to keep the connection and synergy in all our real life movements. We need to stay synchronized with the life's tempo even though it might not turn out to be an easy task all the time. We strongly recommend "Toronto Social Dance School", Glen Micheal, and his faculty to any couple who love to spend time together and look for a healthy and reviving hobby.

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